Minor: New Economic Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship

DRIFT, EFR and ICE are inviting transformative entrepreneurs and sustainability start-ups to participate in their course, titled, “New Economic Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship.” This minor is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into the innovative viewpoints, knowledge and skills that students can bring to bear on questions such as: How can my business model have transformative impact? What role can my business play in current sustainability challenges? What social value can I create? And how do I position myself as a radical innovator?

Working in groups, students will help each participating organization address the sustainability, impact or business-proposition challenges it is facing. From a critical transition perspective, students in different groups will look for a solution to the challenges posed, and apply their (new) knowledge to the social enterprise. At the end of the course, student groups will present their ideas and suggestions to the entrepreneurs, their classmates and teachers.

Social enterprises or start-ups wishing to attend are encouraged to complete this application form no later than July 31, 2020. Among other questions, the form will ask you to briefly describe the current transformative challenge your company/organisation is facing and specify the question you want to work on with the group of students in relation to your challenge? If your application is accepted, you will be asked to make a 2-minute video about your social enterprise and the main question you want to work with students to address. By the end of July, the Erasmus University Rotterdam will communicate on whether the course will be organised in person or online, due to the ever-evolving restrictions related to COVID-19.

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