New Course: AfricaLive! Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Three professors from Harvard Business School (HBS) in partnership with edX have launched a new Executive Education course for those looking to start or expand their businesses in Africa. Participants will understand the impacts of Africa-specific market trends on new opportunities and challenges of doing business on the continent. The course unpacks the nuances that “…render Africa unique in today’s emerging market landscape and the similarities that can be drawn from the world’s other fast-moving emerging economies.” Participants can expect exposure to refreshing perspectives on opportunities at the cutting edge of expanding market niches. A combination of live online lectures, peer-to-peer learning, and real-life lessons are incorporated into hands-on processes during which participants will build their own business plans. The course promises mutually rewarding encounters with fellow learners and HBS professors Tarun Khanna, Caroline Elkins, and Karim Lakhani. For most, if not all participants, AfricaLive! may well mark the beginning of a new entrepreneurial adventure in an African business landscape bursting with unique opportunities. The course starts on August 17, 2020. Read more at AfricaLive!

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