PhD in Transition Design

The purpose of this on-campus course is to catalyze transition of societies toward sustainable futures and lifestyles that are simultaneously place-based (local) and internationally networked (global). Learning activities emphasize systems thinking from the perspective of areas of interest spanning circular economies, commoning, decolonialization, socio-technical transitions, public policy, stakeholder participation, and futuring among others. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to engage actively in driving sustainable change across a range of complex systems—from food, water, materials and products, to transport, healthcare, communications, and education. Upon completing the PhD, graduates are equipped to instigate and lead systems-change through academic posts in leading universities and take on influential roles in nonprofit organizations, business, and government. Get further details: Curriculum, Entry Requirements, Costs, Application Instructions.


  • Dear Sir,
    May l know whether you offer other programs apart from PhD in Transition Design.
    Also will the graduation ceremony be held on line?

    • Thanks for your question. We do not offer our own programs. We simply point visitors to educational and training resources they can use to gain the qualifications they need to be successful in the emerging green economy.

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