Why Large-Scale Solar Alone No Longer Makes Sense – A PV Magazine Webinar.

Solar has come a long way as a viable option for our energy needs across the globe. Nevertheless, the days of fields upon fields of utility-scale PV installations may be coming to an end. Australia’s solar grid is currently confronting serious infrastructure-related issues. This has snowballed into a dip in investor confidence, causing them to slash industrial investments by half to $2.9bn in 2019 from $6.9bn in 2018. Creative diversification may be the key to ensuring a smooth transition as the country elaborates a long-term plan to buttress and optimize existing infrastructure. In this webinar which will take place on Tuesday 4 August 2020 from 11:30AM to 12:30PM IST (Delhi), Vikas Pansar from Sterling and Wilson Solar will be making a strong case for coupling solar arrays with large scale storage batteries putting forth insights from a company with a century of solid experience in energy production. Gain a competitive edge in the field by listening in on the most forward-thinking solutions being discussed concerning a problem that has hit Australia hard, and which is bound to hit other solar-dependent grids just as hard unless preventive measures are taken. Register for the webinar here.

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